Not just a photographer..

for loved up souls.

..a visual storyteller

Please call me Tiff ( NOT Tiffany- that's only when I get into trouble).
I'll spare you the details of how I got involved in photography, obviously I love it!
I'm a Florida girl at heart. I grew up in a tiny beach town on the Gulf Coast just south of Clearwater. I went to USF and graduated with a degree in journalism. I can tell a great story but don't ask me to spell or punctuate! I am an only child, a Leo, enneagram number 6 wing 7, and I stand about 5 feet and 0 inches tall on a good day. I have a love for all things woo woo, new books, houseplants, animals, genealogy, cooking, boxing and distance running (quite the mix, I know). I hate math, pumping gas, talking on the phone, and cleaning sinks. I'm technologically challenged, traveling gives me severe anxiety and eye boogers (of any type) seriously gross me out.

I have two amazing human kids, two Golden retriever, three cats, three Guinea Pigs (ZERO stars, do not recommend) and a Bearded Dragon. I am married to a beautiful man who always "forgets" to take out the trash (you know, one of those people that just keep smooshing it down like a trash compacter) but he is one hell of a dad and an amazing human... except for the trash issue. The family I have created is my greatest achievement in this life and when I say I love them more then Wether's Caramel candies, I actually do mean it.